5 Hollywood superstars no one wants to work with:


Have you ever imagined having a trillion and billion-dollar lifestyle but still being someone no one wants to work with?

While, it’s easy to assume that Hollywood actors are a symbol of perfection, both professionally and personally. You will be astonished to know that some top of the line actors has managed to be a pain in the ass for their co-stars. Here is a list of Hollywood stars no one wants to spend their “work time” with:



  1. Lindsay Lohan- The sweet Disney star turned “party girl”


Who would have thought that the cute little “girl next door” would resort to having a catastrophic image of a“party girl” only? She was loved by millions but she managed to exploit her offscreen image with her excessive parties and drinks. All eyes were set on her but she eventually became a major turn off for producers and ultimately ended up on TV instead of movies.

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5 Hollywood superstars no one wants to work with:

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